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Often the first port of call for prospective customers, your website creates that vital first impression.

A website needs to look good but that's just half of the story.

An effective website not only lets your customers know who you are and what you do but it also tells them what they have to do . . .

Email Marketing
Done properly, email marketing can be the quickest, most direct and cost-effective method of getting your message in front of your customers today!

Particularly effective for short notice activities, email marketing includes all of the key elements of any good campaign: branding, design, messaging, personalisation and direct calls to action . . .

Printed Literature
Whether it's a simple A6 flyer or a full size brochure your printed literature needs to reflect your brand values and communicate effectively. It also needs to be economical!

We can write copy, design, illustrate, typeset and print marketing collateral for any purpose . . .

Staff Mentoring
A well planned and executed marketing plan will drive customers to your business with a clear set of objectives - driven by you!

But what if your front line staff let you down at the last minute?

It's crucial that your sales and customer service staff reinforce your marketing messages . . .

The best of both worlds . . .

Traditionally, outsourcing marketing would require the services of at least two different specialists - a marketing agency to develop your needs and objectives into a range of ideas and a design agency who would then bring these ideas to life.

At Communication Marketing we utilise nearly 20 years experience to combine both skills. This enables us to provide a unique service which means you only have to deal with one supplier for all of your marketing requirements.

We believe very strongly that Marketing adds value to your business - it shouldn't be seen as an expense because it pays for itself many times over.

And we don't believe in 'smoke and mirrors' either. We only speak plain English and will explain clearly and concisely what we're doing and why.

Call us today on 0845 838 1678 and find out that Marketing doesn't have to be complicated . . . but it does have to be effective!