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Beauty Salons and Spas

We have extensive experience of, and a special affinity with, the beauty salon and spa industry and we'd like to share our expertise with you.

The beauty industry has been thriving even during the extended economic downturn that we've now been experiencing for several years. But recently it has started to suffer too. Competition is fierce and margins are constantly being eroded so it's more important than ever that you take control and start protecting your business from these damaging effects.

Just today (26 October 2011) Tesco have announced that they too will be joining the beauty market by introducing salons in their stores. This is just another step in the worrying trend of turning beauty salon and spa experiences into a commodity.

Take control of your profit margins
We've also witnessed the increasing proliferation of voucher sites such as Groupon. Whilst they do undoubtedly work in getting you bookings, these bookings are at a VERY low margin. Consumers are also getting wise to the regularity at which beauty salon and spa offers come around on voucher sites. I am hearing more and more comments along the lines of "I had a fabulous time and think you have a great salon. Please let me know when you have another offer." Voucher customers' perception of the value of your services has been permanently eroded and they will never pay full price.

Your business is based on the quality and professionalism of the service you offer, not the cost price of the products you use. You add a lot of value to the service you give and it's time to fight back against the cut-price offers that are driving the market price down.

Marketing adds value
You know everything there is to know about your own business and how good your service is - but does the rest of the world? Integrated marketing activities will open your doors to the world (or, at least your little part of it) inviting potential customers to come on in.

Marketing doesn't have to be intimidating
There are so many ways in which you can go about promoting yourself, but which is right for you? Websites, email marketing, social media, flyers, advertising, sales promotions . . . the choice is bewildering.

FREE Marketing Health Check for Beauty Salon and Spa owners worth £150

That's right, between now and the end of 2011 we are offering to undertake a FREE Marketing Health Check of your salon or spa business*.

This will involve an analysis of your current marketing material and activities together with a telephone interview with the business owner or manager.

Personalised report
We will produce a report detailing your marketing strengths and weaknesses. This will include specifics relating to effectiveness such as legibility, calls to action and timing as well as legal requirements such as compliance with data protection laws.

Recommended actions
We will also provide recommendations for any actions we feel could improve your marketing activities. There are no catches and you are under no obligation to implement any of our recommendations.

* Beauty Salon or Spa businesses based in the UK.

You've got nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain so what are you waiting for? Fill in the form below and we will be in touch . . .

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