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Email Marketing

Done properly, email marketing can be the quickest, most direct and cost-effective method of getting your message in front of your customers today!

Particularly effective for short notice activities, email marketing includes all of the key elements of any good campaign: branding, design, messaging, personalisation and direct calls to action.

Email marketing (also known as eShots) are immediate - they are read and acted on very quickly. For this reason they are ideal for last minute deals and offers. But because of this, calls-to-action and timing are essential.

If you have an offer that can be satisfied online, ensure your landing pages and systems are all in place. If your call-to-action needs staff to respond to it, don't send your offer when your office is closed, or about to close.

If a potential customer hits a link in your eShot and it doesn't work as it should they're unlikely to try again another time. It's all too easy to hit the delete key then your carefully crafted communication is lost forever.

We have a lot of experience in writing, producing and broadcasting eShots for a range of markets and industries. We understand customer behaviour and what makes people respond to marketing messages.

If you want to find out more, call Huw on 0845 838 1678 or fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you.

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